Iran v USA Hoax

Illuminatzi-Muslim tactic alliance against Russia, in the battle of Armageddon. Hours after "NEDA innocent bystander murdered HOAX = CIA PSY-OP to discredit protesters"was revealed by Prophet, dozens of timestamped posts to YouTube forced the illuminati to begin "breaking" these "news", beginning with ABC

Jun 16, 2009

Illuminati End Times Irony: Both Iran "winner" Ahmadinejad (25 million) and USA loser McCain (59 million) had around 5 million votes

The basic qualitative and quantitative difference between Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (1) and USA's John McCain (2) in the two scripts, authored by one and the same, i.e. by the illuminati. (3)
- Ahmadinejad in winner role.
- McCain in loser role.
- Ahmadinejad's multiplying factor = between 3 and 4.
- McCain's multiplying factor = between 10 and 12.

INCIDENTALLY, TWO related questions.
- What is the difference between Moussavi and "Obama"?
- What is the difference between the US populace and the Iranian population?

(1) For McCain: Google
result #1, as of today

(2) For Ahmadinejad begin by correctly prefixing Hugo Chavez with pathetic:
result #1, as of today

(3) Undeniable Proof that order to rig elections in Iran was issued by the illuminati

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Jun 12, 2009

Iran: illuminati agent Ahmadinejad forced to steal election from Moussavi, as predicted

Iran "elections" 2009: Moussavi defeats illuminati agent Ahmadinejad, yet Illuminati immediately reacted proving that they are not ready to lose control, by falsifying the results. In other words: despite exit polls of 65% for Moussavi, Ahmadinejad claims victory with 69%...  ("corrected" to "only" 63% one day later)

Reminder - Prophet's words, 5 days ago, 7 June 2009 (1):
IRAN: Today's Rally proves Moussavi will defeat illuminati agent Ahmadinejad
If you are confused by these news, then you are a beast that believes that Ahmadinejad, the key actor besides the anti-pope in the "deny the Holocaust" agenda, is not an illuminati agent (2)

CIA psy-op D. Bunker ("Senior Forum Moderator") replies:
"I do believe the Mullah's are indicating a potentially more amiable administration could replace the current one, but it is the Mullah's that run Iran, not Ahmadinejad."

Prophet replies:
Bunker, Repeating the illuminati's media story is NOT replying to this article.

Poster replies:
Democracy at work.
As long as it's a fair election, with no CIA meddling, or computerized vote fraud foolishness like we have here in Amerika, why would anyone have a problem with Iranians choosing their leaders by way of the ballot box?

Prophet replies:
Correct. The difference to India:
From "moon" "landing" 1969 to "elections" in world's largest "democracy", India 2009

What do Hillary Clinton, Bush, John Kerry and McCain have to do with the Iranian "elections"? (Added June 14)

June 14: Another End Times Irony: Hillary Clinton becomes the second to echo the Ahmadinedjad Hoax, first exposed by Prophet.

From CNN to Al-Jazeera, from France24 to BBC, hide fate of hundreds of protesters jailed and murdered, while they try to convince the audience that it is only a minority of students. To prove it, they non-stop broadcast "press conferences" by Ahmadinejad and his Goebbels "information" ministerm while they non stop use the expression "a sea of people" to describe 50,000 in an Ahmadinejad rally, where a large share was bussed to Tehran.

 Poster interpreter replies (see first reply):  (3)
"Ahmadinejad is evidently one of the demon possessed leaders of the east who start the Battle of Ar Mageddon. "

You mean Fake Armageddon, in NATO script, with Iran launching a nuclear attack against Israel.

For the real Armageddon take the path to the TRUTH:

 Poster broederbond replies (see second reply)
"Any PROOF that Hossein Mossavi, is the 'REAL' Iran election winner ???"

Proof is the same as in the US 2004 and 2008 (McCain with 5 million mulitplied by 12) or communist parties with  99% of the votes.
THEY (or in the computerized version, their software) do not let anyone else count the votes.

Difference between McCain and Ahmadinejad: Ahmadinejad does NOT play the loser role, in the two scripts, authored by one and the same. (4)
Difference between Kerry and Moussavi: Moussavi does NOT belong to the same secret society as the actor playing the winner role (Bush 2004 and Ahmadinejad 2009), unlike Kerry, the actor playing the loser role.

(1) To a forum managed by CIA Web of Disinfo:

(2) Attack to Iran Hoax - another Best Seller Illuminati Hoax, even after Illuminati replaced the Queen of England with Ahmadinejad, as TV messenger for the very last Christmas of Illuminati End Times

(3) In thread t7376487  "Media of NATO countries censors fate of Hossein Mossavi, REAL Iran election winner", at, which days after was deleted by censors

(4) Undeniable Proof that order to rig elections in Iran was issued by the illuminati

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Dec 23, 2008

Bosnia, Fatwa forbids Santa Claus: Satanic Celebrations for Illuminati's LAST Christmas in their FIRST new muslim "country" in Europe

Satanic Celebrations for Illuminati's LAST Christmas in Bosnia, the FIRST (1) new muslim "country" they created in Europe: Fatwa bans Santa Claus. As an example of how tolerant Islam is, punishment will not include stoning or hands cut, just prison.

Fatwas in Bosnia are issued from Sarajevo (2) by Mustafa Ceric, head of the Bosnia Islamic Community and one of 32 members of the European Council for Fatwa and Research. In another role, he is also one of the muslim icons used by illuminati controlled Vatican to sell the "Islam is the Religion of peace" agenda. (3)

Unlike in the case of previous fatwas banning all christians symbols  from Sarajevo (3), this post-celebration of "extermination of christianity" in Bosnia was reported in illuminati mass media.

Celebration of Illuminati's LAST Christmascontinues  in London, wuth  iranian president AHMADINEJAD replacing the Queen as TV messenger. (4)


(1) Shortly before the end of illuminati overtime, a second  muslim "country" was created to "prove" that they will win final battle, that officially begun with the battle of Kosovo, 24 March 1999.

(2) From Sarajevo shortly before the first Christmas in Illuminati  End Times...

... to Detroit, shortly before the last Christmas in Illuminati End Times:

(3) Example from November 2008, two years  after Illuminati staged the "Pope Benedict XVI apologizes to Muslims for his false statement about violent Islam, before visit to Turkey" act:
Photo legend: "This handout picture shows Catholic Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran (L) and Muslim mufti of Bosnia, Mustafa Ceric, looking at a religious book prior the Vatican's first-ever Catholic-Muslim forum. The Vatican opened historic inter-faith talks with top Muslim leaders, two years after Pope Benedict XVI sparked outrage among Muslims for a speech seen as linking Islam with violence."

Role of Illuminati controlled Vatican in their anti-Bible - Zoom out:

(4)  UK Celebration packaged as Illuminati joke:

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Mar 22, 2007

US attack to Iran HOAX for dummies - the two basic facts

"Attack to Iran" Hoax: another example of End Times Reductionism. You only need two basic facts to completely expose it.
End Times: total brainwash, total refusal to add 1 + 1, with the illuminati able to sell the most primitive hoaxes to their sheep.

March 23, 2007: Iran detains British sailors.
Matt Marriott explains it is just the illuminati staging the 1000th act of the "Attack to Iran" Hoax script, and it is also used to divert from these REAL events taking place in Baghdad.
Below a transcript where the two basic facts are formulated as questions and how total brainwashed people (Hoax Believer or 1+1 Denier) will refuse to answer them.

Hoax Believer:
No, they are detained because the Zionist West KIDNAPED three Iranian Officers and they have to be returned. Iran is not under Illuminati control.

Matt Marriott:
I have two questions for you. Please answer with yes or no.

1. Is the Iraqi "government" a US puppet?

Hoax Believer:
The Iraqi gov. is a Puppet, but Iran is taking an advantage there.

Matt Marriott:
"The Iraqi gov. is a Puppet": Ok, you answered the first question with yes.

Now the second question:

2. Is the Iranian government supporting the US puppet "Iraqi" government?

Yes or No - please answer.

Hoax Believer:
Within limits, as long as their interests run along they may support actions .

Matt Marriott:
"Within limits": You did not answer with yes or no.
This is in fact the question you refused to answer with Yes or No:
- Supporting or not supporting a puppet government of your greatest enemy along your most important border, where your greatest enemy is trying to consolidate military bases against the will of 99.99 pct of the population.
A "government" that is not even able to leave the US military base protecting it, aka Green Zone.
1 + 1 = 2.
I don't need to ask you to name for me what those limits would be, i.e. starting by specifying one single action showing that the iranian government is not supporting the "Iraqi" puppet "government".
Case closed.

Illuminati Hoaxes, the product that sells best in Illuminati End Times, before systemic collapse:

February 26, 2015 - Simulated Reality terminated with its mockery:
Iraq parallel scripts: Fake U.S Aircraft Carrier and fake Mosul museum destroyed the same day.

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Feb 19, 2007

Shiite GESTAPO death squads account for one third of Iraq body count, now over 1 million

Iraq: Body count now over 1 million - one third were murdered by shiite GESTAPO death squads, trained by Iran & US

Body count in  Iraq now over 1 million, 90% of bodies are sunnis and christians

275,000 in Fallujah, 180,000 in Baghdad, 150,000 in Ramadi, 45,000 in Samarra, 40,000 in Tikrit....

One third were killed or murdered by shiite GESTAPO death squads, trained by Iran & US

Although the majority were killed or murdered by the NATO military (mostly US), one third were murdered by shiite GESTAPO death squads, trained by the US and Iranian Military.

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