Illuminatzi-Muslim tactic alliance against Russia, in the battle of Armageddon. Hours after "NEDA innocent bystander murdered HOAX = CIA PSY-OP to discredit protesters"was revealed by Prophet, dozens of timestamped posts to YouTube forced the illuminati to begin "breaking" these "news", beginning with ABC

Dec 23, 2008

Bosnia, Fatwa forbids Santa Claus: Satanic Celebrations for Illuminati's LAST Christmas in their FIRST new muslim "country" in Europe

Satanic Celebrations for Illuminati's LAST Christmas in Bosnia, the FIRST (1) new muslim "country" they created in Europe: Fatwa bans Santa Claus. As an example of how tolerant Islam is, punishment will not include stoning or hands cut, just prison.

Fatwas in Bosnia are issued from Sarajevo (2) by Mustafa Ceric, head of the Bosnia Islamic Community and one of 32 members of the European Council for Fatwa and Research. In another role, he is also one of the muslim icons used by illuminati controlled Vatican to sell the "Islam is the Religion of peace" agenda. (3)

Unlike in the case of previous fatwas banning all christians symbols  from Sarajevo (3), this post-celebration of "extermination of christianity" in Bosnia was reported in illuminati mass media.

Celebration of Illuminati's LAST Christmascontinues  in London, wuth  iranian president AHMADINEJAD replacing the Queen as TV messenger. (4)


(1) Shortly before the end of illuminati overtime, a second  muslim "country" was created to "prove" that they will win final battle, that officially begun with the battle of Kosovo, 24 March 1999.

(2) From Sarajevo shortly before the first Christmas in Illuminati  End Times...

... to Detroit, shortly before the last Christmas in Illuminati End Times:

(3) Example from November 2008, two years  after Illuminati staged the "Pope Benedict XVI apologizes to Muslims for his false statement about violent Islam, before visit to Turkey" act:
Photo legend: "This handout picture shows Catholic Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran (L) and Muslim mufti of Bosnia, Mustafa Ceric, looking at a religious book prior the Vatican's first-ever Catholic-Muslim forum. The Vatican opened historic inter-faith talks with top Muslim leaders, two years after Pope Benedict XVI sparked outrage among Muslims for a speech seen as linking Islam with violence."

Role of Illuminati controlled Vatican in their anti-Bible - Zoom out:

(4)  UK Celebration packaged as Illuminati joke:

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