Illuminatzi-Muslim tactic alliance against Russia, in the battle of Armageddon. Hours after "NEDA innocent bystander murdered HOAX = CIA PSY-OP to discredit protesters"was revealed by Prophet, dozens of timestamped posts to YouTube forced the illuminati to begin "breaking" these "news", beginning with ABC

Mar 22, 2007

US attack to Iran HOAX for dummies - the two basic facts

"Attack to Iran" Hoax: another example of End Times Reductionism. You only need two basic facts to completely expose it.
End Times: total brainwash, total refusal to add 1 + 1, with the illuminati able to sell the most primitive hoaxes to their sheep.

March 23, 2007: Iran detains British sailors.
Matt Marriott explains it is just the illuminati staging the 1000th act of the "Attack to Iran" Hoax script, and it is also used to divert from these REAL events taking place in Baghdad.
Below a transcript where the two basic facts are formulated as questions and how total brainwashed people (Hoax Believer or 1+1 Denier) will refuse to answer them.

Hoax Believer:
No, they are detained because the Zionist West KIDNAPED three Iranian Officers and they have to be returned. Iran is not under Illuminati control.

Matt Marriott:
I have two questions for you. Please answer with yes or no.

1. Is the Iraqi "government" a US puppet?

Hoax Believer:
The Iraqi gov. is a Puppet, but Iran is taking an advantage there.

Matt Marriott:
"The Iraqi gov. is a Puppet": Ok, you answered the first question with yes.

Now the second question:

2. Is the Iranian government supporting the US puppet "Iraqi" government?

Yes or No - please answer.

Hoax Believer:
Within limits, as long as their interests run along they may support actions .

Matt Marriott:
"Within limits": You did not answer with yes or no.
This is in fact the question you refused to answer with Yes or No:
- Supporting or not supporting a puppet government of your greatest enemy along your most important border, where your greatest enemy is trying to consolidate military bases against the will of 99.99 pct of the population.
A "government" that is not even able to leave the US military base protecting it, aka Green Zone.
1 + 1 = 2.
I don't need to ask you to name for me what those limits would be, i.e. starting by specifying one single action showing that the iranian government is not supporting the "Iraqi" puppet "government".
Case closed.

Illuminati Hoaxes, the product that sells best in Illuminati End Times, before systemic collapse:

February 26, 2015 - Simulated Reality terminated with its mockery:
Iraq parallel scripts: Fake U.S Aircraft Carrier and fake Mosul museum destroyed the same day.

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